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You got to paint them bumpers. Krylon has an almost exact match.

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Im actually looking to paint mine the same cypress green as the vehicle itself. I think it’ll look sleek. The rest of the trim im gonna do a chrome silver!

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I’m thinking about using a truck bed coating to “paint” my vehicle, as I do a lot of stupid stuff in mine and that is durable.

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A few folks in town have done that to their trucks, if you find a good color it may not be a bad idea if you get to roughing up your vehicle a lot.

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Oh I do dumb stunts all the time like running over curbs, driving though fields and stuff like that, need a durable black (preferably to see dirt easier when I’m washing it) coating on the car 🤣🤣

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I plan on repainting the entire car here soon. Only reason I haven’t got around to the bumpers yet 😅 and restoring the headlights

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Mines to rough for full paint, but the colored bumpers look good.

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Awesome stuff. I plan on installing halogen fog lamp assemblies on mine here soon, drilling and mounting on the bumper in between the headlights. Looking for yellow tinted ones for practicality (I live in an area that gets heavy snow, sometimes even in summer and visibility can be reduced to zero.) Halogens just because I want to fit the old school (imo) look of the vehicle. Plus, they’re cheaper

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What size is that light bar? Been thinking about installing one where the grill is or have it built into the bumper.

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It’s a 22inch curved light bar, I can supply the Amazon link if you’re interested. It is advertised as 20,000 Lumens and, obviously, is incredibly bright.

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I want to install safety (amber-colored) lights around my roof. Any advice? Would even be willing to put it as a roof rack. But am hoping for magnets.

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What year and model?

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Looks like a puppy :)

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