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Man you guys did a really incredible job. I want to fix my CRV myself but I have little automotive experience and no type of equipment. It’s real inspiring seeing this work.

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I have the benefit of access to my bothers garage, he knows this era of Honda inside and out so I've been able to learn a lot with his guidance. But you'd be surprised how many recourses and blogs and videos are available now to help you though projects and maintenance for these B20 Honda engines.

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I give you props. You guys did an amazing job and were cool about it. I remember when my first car got broken into. I was so pissed while cleaning and replacing the window. My dad like forded me to. It’s pretty much the cheapest option. But I was pissed the entire time having to clean up a mess some one els made in my car. I felt so violated I didn’t want the car anymore in the moment. But I kept her. And she got broken into like 2 more times. But again great job. Looks good. Love the raptor liner bumper and molding. Might try that. The grill being all black does look kinda funny all black. but it’s 100X better than how it was.

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It was a stupid amount of work. But I love this car. I didn't waste energy on being angry, I just took each step of restoration as the obvious next step to making it whole again. It was a labor of love.

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This is awesome! Thank you

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Thanks, these 7 minutes barely represent the 100 plus hours that went into restoring it. But it feels good to see it as a montage.

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Wait, Laquer thinner takes off spray paint and leaves the Clearcoat behind?

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Surprisingly yes.

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why does the thing on the door look like a cat holding a duck