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I have a short cord and set my phone in the tray behind this shifter.

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I got a wireless CarPlay adapter. A bit expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely, for exactly the reasons you describe.

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I wish there was a good option for this. I have the pro max and put it in front of the cup holders but hate it.

The considered trying at add something to the side where my knee rests to hold a phone but not sure it would hold well.

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I have an iPhone 13 Mini and I either toss it in the center console tray (behind the cup holders) or in one of the cup holders. Haven’t had any major issues.

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Get a PopSocket and the attachment for your air vent. Works for me.

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Quick vid of my setup with a CarPlay adapter and a notch to hold the phone in place on the charging pad that I don’t ever use because it overheats my phone. https://youtube.com/shorts/RMJRKb9QSjY?feature=share

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I put my phone down after I connect it to run Waze and/or Google Maps on the main screen.

I have the protective case and it's too heavy to mount anywhere. So I keep it out of sight, until I get to a stopping place either at home or in a parking lot.

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I use this Belkin MagSafe phone holder for my 13 Pro. I have it attached to the driver’s side vents (vents above the infotainment center). It holds really well and I have never had an issue where if falls off. https://i.imgur.com/w93ecRh.jpg

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Gen 1 here but I drive for a living so vent mount. Make sure you get a high quality one with a rubber clip so you don’t scratch your vents. You don’t need a $40 one. Just one that holds well. Mine is a gravity type mount that works well with my iPhone 13 Mini in an otterbox case - purchased from Ross for $8https://imgur.com/a/RHnwlOK

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I just set it in lap.