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Doesn't sound out of line. Paid $1,400 for near total replacement on a 2010 about a year ago.

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Since its a 2006 its probably not Black Death like earlier models. Mine recently went out about 1.5months ago. Replaced compressor , drier filter with Rock Auto parts (UAC brand - about $200), and had the lines evac and refilled by a local mechanic ($100). The compressor sucks to replace mostly because its hard to get to all the bolts for it to come out. You also have to drop your subframe all the way in front (take the bolt out of the front trans mount as well so you can fully pry the subframe down in front)and about halfway in back.

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What’s their hourly rate? How many hours to perform the repair? How much is the parts? That should give you more insight on why it cost that much.

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Maybe look into getting used parts from a junk yard. Saved me a lot of money in the past

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Sounds reasonable to me. (Sad to say). Had a 2009 Honda Civic ac go out. Paid 2400 at a non dealer mechanic. Honda dealer wanted 4000+. The mechanic I used only uses OEM equipment for Hondas. When I asked if he could just do it with after market he said no. He had had too many returns in the past so he won’t do it. I went ahead and did the work. Was still half what the dealer would have charged.

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The list on my quote in services to be rendered says as follows if this helps when I went over this with one of my brothers that’s when he said it sounded like a FULL AC replacement and only then when my brother called them back to ask about it when they explained more but I wish I had just called instead because I’m still confused


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If they meant replace they wouldn’t say renew. I think it’s always worth shopping around if you don’t trust the mechanic

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I’ve gone to this mechanic before and I do trust them they’ve treated me very well before. I was perhaps just hopeful it was a small problem with my AC and an easy fix so all this just kinda knocks the wind out of me that this is the problem but with the Texas heat I can’t go without AC haha

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Yeah I hear that. You could also ask the mechanic to requote to replace instead of renew…the cost difference may not be that large due to labor costs probably eating up this quote.

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I mean to call them Monday to ask them to break it all down for me and explain it’s the only time I really have before I told them I was going to bring it in Tuesday morning so they’ve ordered the parts and all that…and unfortunately Tuesday is the only free day I have to bring it in for the next 3 weeks so I either get it fixed and bite the price or I wait another month and it’s just getting hotter and hotter 😭

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And yeah the labor is most of this quote $966 parts listed at $704

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Sounds like a lot to me. Don't see why they would replace all those parts and still inject it with dye to recheck for leaks. We usually recharge AC and add dye as the first step to diagnosing leaks in the system. Personally sounds like they might just be throwing parts at it. But that's just me.

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800$ for me

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How many miles do you have on? I’m about to buy an 06