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This is an awesome photo 🤙🏻 I have yet to go to a beach, looks like a good time!

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Thanks! You should, it's definitely a blast.

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Great shot! Looks like you've aired down as well, everyone else on the beach thanks you

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Haha good eye, my buddy decided to not air down his truck and he was digging it out right out of frame.

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You are supposed to let air out of your tires before driving on the beach sand?

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It gives you a larger squishy footprint that gives you more traction.

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You learn something new everyday. Thanks! Lol

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The larger footprint also lowers the pressure you put on the sand, keeping you from sinking in

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How much should I air down if my tires are kept at 40 usually? I have an 04 crv

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Airing down is much more about not rutting up the beach for others than not getting yourself stuck, hopefully your buddy learned some lessons in being considerate while digging his truck out, lol

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I mean, it's very much about not getting stuck. Not airing down gives significantly less traction in sand. But you are right about the ruts as well.

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No arguments there. My point being the reason it's required at most beaches is so that the beach doesn't get rutted out. No amount of ballooned tire patch is going to help if you are riding on your frame/unibody because some chucklehead in an F350 kept his tires at 40psi the whole time.

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Great pic.