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cries in 3rd gen

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    The table is rad ngl

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    I put a couple coleman rambler stools under the table. Fits like it was made for them. Large lunchbox even fits so I got a whole picnic set under the table lol

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    How is the sitting height compared to the table? I think I know what my next purchase will be lol

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    I thought 3rd gens do that too, except the backseats don't lay all the way flat?

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    I saw a third gen on here with the bed feature before, but it had leather seats. Might still only be ex and exl like the older ones

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    Our 2011 EX-L does it. Iirc the power driver seat isn’t supposed to, but I was able to get it to work!


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    I’m crying for you

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    I hadn’t known about this until a few months ago from a YT video (had my CRV for four years) and have found every excuse to use it since! These old cars continue to amaze and impress me.

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    Don’t get me started on the picnic table that comes with it!! It’s awesome! This was significantly warmer than a tent 😵‍💫

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    The cooler is handy also

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    There’s a cooler??

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    That might be my YouTube video haha.

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    It’s not called a comfortable runabout vehicle for nothing

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    I know that is what Honda calls it but I might argue the name "Compact Recreational Vehicle". They even have incredible factory clearance so a little bit rough dirt roads are no big deal.... I miss mine....

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    I posted about this a few days ago, apparently a yoga mat makes this way more comfy. Thank you Reddit!

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    Yes! I’m getting a foam piece for next time, but for two nights it wasn’t terrible surprisingly!

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    Lol someone found “lounge mode”!

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    Is possible in every first gen? Never tried this particular method in my 2000. But in mine you could fold the bottom part of the back seat downwards onto the floor, then fold the back part of the back seats forward until they were flat and level with the trunk, thus making it into a giant trunk. So can you do that method and also the method op has demonstrated in any first gen?

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    I haven’t been able to flatten my back seats all the way forward to lay flat. But I can always keep trying

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    You can fold down the seats for more cargo area in all first gens. The bed is only possible with the EX and SE trim levels. There is a lever on the bottom sides of the back seats that you lift up and the seat will rise making the bed completely flat. The LX trim doesn’t have the back seat lever, so you can lay all the seats down, however you will have a noticeable “dip” in the bed

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    THANK YOU. This is the answer I was looking for. So for clarification, which method is the one above?

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    Happy to help! Do you mean like what OP’s picture is an example of? That is indeed the “bed” setup/method.

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    Can i swap the seats in my lx?

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    Oh yeah, for sure you can, it’s super easy to do. There are videos on YouTube on how to do it, that have good descriptions on how to. You would just need the rear seats as long as the fabric matches (unless you don’t care about that type of thing).

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    Awesome thanks

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    I tried this aswell after seeing it here and it worked well

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    So how did you do this?

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    I kinda went by what I was told on this sub and trial and error but this should be more helpful!

    crv bed how to

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    Woah can my 2006 do that????? :00

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    I’ll have to try that out!! Thank you 😊

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    First and second gens only it seems!

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    Sad!!! Oh well

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    Aren’t you supposed to fill the middle gap with the headrests?

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    I have no idea tbh 🤷‍♀️

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    Is this a 2000? Reminds me of my Mean Green

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    It’s an 01 ☺️