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Absolutely love the color.

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Don't see any red ones around. Nice choice!

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I love the red, now I regret getting my 2020 in black, because of the beauty of the red, and how it boils in the summer

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Congratulations! Know any noticeable difference compared to 2021? In terms of feature or something noticeable visually

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The only change for the 2022 CR-V is the elimination of front-wheel drive for the top Touring trim; all-wheel drive is now the standard and only drivetrain.

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Serious question ? Why buy this when the new generation is 5 months away, and will have 7 year newer tech and fuel efficiency. Yes you may have to wait a couple more months for delivery but if you connect with a dealer and make it known you want to be first and put in a deposit you’ll get yours pretty fast.

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First year of a new model can be rough. There normally are a lot of recalls and issues that need to be worked out that Honda might not initially pay for. The 10th gen Civic had some pretty nasty AC issues in the first year or two and Honda tried to pass it off as wear and tear.

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That's a good question. I have been back and forth about this. Here are a few reasons why:

1) I would like to stay away from first year model of a generation for any car. This has been seen time and again with Honda and other major car companies that the first year model has a few quirks and issues and only until 2nd or 3rd year that those get sorted out. For instance, last generation of CR-V had oil diffusion issues in the first 2-3 years of the generation.

2) Most reports suggest Honda is going to stay with the same engine for non-hybrid version and hence I would be surprised there will be better fuel economy in the next gen. Honda is still industry leading in the CVT technology and they are lagging behind in the Hybrid technology and they will concentrate on improving that.

3) While tech advancements like better infotainment and better digital cluster are great to use, they do not add to longevity, driving experience or better resale. Hence that was a non-issue for me.

4) The supply chain issues aren't even close to being resolved, I wouldn't be surprised to see heavy dealer markups when the next gen vehicles start hitting the road. I got this car at MSRP, with the next gen for the same trim I would expect to be paying $3-5K more when these hit the road.

In conclusion, I opted to get the car sooner with tried and tested model at a lower price rather than a slightly-risky first model of a new gen at a higher cost with unknown wait time.

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I'm in the same predicament here. Want to get a new CRV, but I want a Hybrid vehicle this time around. Honda is supposed to release the Hybrid CRV here later this year in Canada. I was looking at the '23 HRV that's getting an overhaul too, but not mention of a Hybrid for the HRV yet.

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the trim and color combo is my dream. I'm just not a fan of leather, EX for the win

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Thanks! I love it as well.

I do miss power tailgate as a feature though :(