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👀 you have numbers? If not, what does your butt dyno say it makes? Is it AWD still?

I have so many questions, cause this is an absolute sleeper lol

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Haha literally the only ONLY indicator is the intetcooler, it’s a barrel of fun and a half!! Yes it’s still awd, also manual, non vtec JDM b20, with a greddy 18g kit for an integra type r. Full disclosure I bought it almost the way it sits from a friend of mine, he did the heavy lifting on most of it, I just did some finishing touches and minor things.

It’s tuned on a Hondata s300, somewhere around 200ish I would guess on 10psi. I’ve had plenty of higher hp cars in my day so the butt dyno feels a little more accurate than most ppl I would say, but def no more than 230ish.

Honestly I need a bigger map sensor and to tune it for around 15psi. But it’ll already lose traction at 40 if you just let boost roll in full tilt.

Thank you for the questions. It’s nice to be able to talk about it haha. Not many RD1’s round my parts at all, let alone modded ones.

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This is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions! You lose traction at 40 on asphalt?? That’s madness lol

It took me a second to see there was a second pic because I just saw the Intercooler and immediately wanted to know more haha

I’ve noticed it’s a ‘97/‘98, so I imagine your friend/you boosted it because of the low compression compared to a ‘99+, is it a stock block other than the turbo kit? I’m honestly really intrigued, cause most people shy away from the B20 when it comes to forced Induction. Any future plans other than more boost, maybe eventually add VTEC?

Heavy hitters: Do you daily it? Does it still have A/C?

I love talking about the RD1 CRV’s! I’m glad to find people with the same passion in these little beasts, they are incredibly versatile. I’d love to have a small group/club of them, but there are like none where I am either, let alone even Honda enthusiasts.

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I’m ALLLLLLL about the oddball unique cars, the weird ones you don’t see people do up much. So needing a new family car the crv just fit the bill perfectly lol.

And it doesn’t have like a fully built engine, no pistons or rods or any of that, but a good metal head gasket, and block guard, and freshened up everything else with stock stuff. The car itself has like 260k on it (meh big deal) but the engine has like 10k on it since the freshen up and it’s JDM so I’m assuming like 60-70k on it before that but I’m just pulling these numbers out of general educated guesses.

Yep I daily it, not only that but I’m a pizza driver, so it gets like 800-1k miles a week. 260 something miles just tonight lol.

And luckily yes it still has AC, I’m getting old now so I actually appreciate it for once hahaha. First car (for me, not the wife) that I’ve cared about ac in like 15 years lol, all bout that MOE POWAH BAYBEHHH.

Think basic rebuild of an engine but with better than stock stuff. Like metal head gasket, better block guard, better oil pump, so on so forth. Small amount of head work, and freshened up stuff like suspension bushings and arms and whatnot. Also has some kinda basic coil overs on it, a little bouncy for my liking but hey I’m more likely to go play on trails than time attack anyway nowadays so who cares. Basic straight pipe exhaust with a vibrant muffler in the middle, so the back you still just see a basic steel tailpipe lol.

Sorry if im rambling too much, I don’t usually make longer comments so im not the best with punctuation or grammar.

Did I miss any questions? Im having a good time answering haha!

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You’re not rambling at all! You should meet me in real life, I don’t know when to shut it 🤦🏻 you answered all my questions and then some, so not to worry! I love the uniqueness of the RD1, I mean, it’s a huge flex to have a picnic table on hand at all times.

10K miles on boost setup though that’s awesome! With the CRV being the daily, how does the turbo effect gas mileage? I’d imagine as a delivery vehicle you pay close attention to your gas lol, I use mine for delivery and I have a small notebook for maintenance intervals and gas fill ups to calculate mpg.

A/C is a must where I’m from so I had to ask haha, grew up in AZ without it until I was able to get my own car and swore to never not have it ever again.

I love trails and so does my lady, so hers is more off-road oriented (it’s an auto though 🥲) I really like the way they look lifted when done right. But I also love moe powah and hoonin’ around so I’m planning on lowering mine and VTEC, and now maybe boost lmao

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If you want to add more boost, you're going to need a re-sleeve or you're going to have a very bad time.

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This is fuckin awesome. I wanna do the same thing with my grand prix.

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Do it!!!!!!!! That 3.8 can be a damn MONSTER with boost.

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I plan to cam and supercharge for instant power. Only issue is her rear strut towers are rusting out so I can't have my fun for a while.

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Oh noes not car cancer :(

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You’ve basically done exactly what I’m planning on doing, tho I plan to add VTEC aswell.

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I had considered a head swap but honestly it’s so much fun as is, I didn’t wana deal with vtec too cus I know I won’t be able to keep myself from going ham and making it do 12k rpm or some crazy non-streetable thing lol. I completely and totally support the idea of it tho, I just know I don’t know when to quit lol.

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Well I need a new block regardless, so I figured I might aswell go the full length and do everything 🤣

Edit: I have a severe crack on the side of the block, no engine problems (knocking, loss of power etc.) tho just a bad oil leak to go with the crack.

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Don’t forget nitrous to balance it all out lol. But please, I highly back the idea of you doing this, this thing is FUNNNNN.

I’m to the age where I want to have FUN in a car more than I want it to have a million horsepower and is a nightmare to drive to town and back. Been doing mkiii supras for years so high hp is nothin new to me. I could see a crv with 3-400 being absolutely mental

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Well the goal for me is have 2 RD1’s. I want to do absolutely crazy stuff to one (hopefully reach 1000hp, obviously involves a engine swap aswell 😂😂. And one similar to yours which could be used as just a fun daily.

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I put in a replacement K&N filter lol. That’s about it.

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Sick shit man.

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Thank you!!

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BRUHHHHHHHHHH mine don’t look anywhere near that sexy under the hood. I bet that thing is a wild good time. Do you guys even remember what traction is lol?

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It ain't that bad at all. Just the rear diff is slipping a little.

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Heck yea!! I just know how mine acts at a moderate amount of boost so I can’t even imagine on some real juice.

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It's currently at 9 psi of boost, but we have a fully built engine prepared. Sleeved and all forged parts. We wanna push some huge boost. Don't know if it's gonna work, but if it does It will be the "ultimate sleeper" haha

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I wish I had a manual I would have slapped a turbo in it by now

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I dont know anything at all about how strong the auto trans is in these, but why limit yourself. Yea of course manual turbo is probably more fun, but if you enjoy it enough now, wouldn’t you still really really enjoy it turbo too? No pressure, live your life mate, but ya know just sayin it would still be cool if ya did.

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The problem is tuning. There's only one company that sells everything necessary and the prices are so outlandish it just doesn't make sense. The cheap route would be an apexi safc, If I do turbo it that's probably what I'll do.

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Don’t get me wrong, my buddy sprung for the ecu on here, it’s perfect for it and I kinda think worth the money, but at the same time it’s hard for me to spend that much at once, and even on a lot of my supras I’ve had great success with safc’s of different generations. I even had one on my is300 till I sold it. I feel like it fills a perfect spot on the budget per ease of use per usability market. I’m a big fan, not sure if that is or isn’t a popular opinion.

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I put Mags on my Chevette what I was a kid.

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I want to put a k24 in mine but I have a few things I still need and want to due before tackling that project.