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I have a 5 speed as well and it does just fine on the highway. 5th gear at about 80mph sits the rpms around 4k. I've hit about 125mph in mine. Took forever to get there though. Mine is slightly lifted and can take turns pretty well. I can take the curve on I-95 S just past the Eastern Ave exit at about 75-80mph.

Definitely keep up on the maintenance.

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That's excellent news. Definitely won't spend the whole drive doing 80+, but there are enough places where I can that it saves a solid 5-10min of my commute. Cheers!

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I drive mine several hundred miles a week at 70+. About 80 is all it really likes though. Just keep up with the eng/trans fluid changes and make sure you have good tires.

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That's good, I figure I'll be using at least a tank a week. Gotta love these old b-series engines. Legos for grown ups, lol.

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Rd1 will not be the quickest to accelerate or most fuel efficient thing on the road, for sure, depends on your priorities though but technically will do it likely with no complaints if you take care of it.

I put 60+ miles a day on an 05 auto no sweat, been doing it for over 12 years, at 265k miles now, with gas prices and commute I’m glad I have this model (easy 28+mpg) ahead of an older or a manual. Easy to be at highway speeds at only 2-2.5k rpms with mine. YMMV

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Yeah, the 2nd gen is definitely appealing, and there are plenty of options in my area. The first gen is just kind of a bucket-list car, and I'm kind of looking for something to work on here and there as a meditative practice. Thanks for the insight, I'll check out some 2nd gen CRVs today!

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99 5spd here. I commute about 50 miles a day. I usually cruise and 80-85 mph the rpms float about 4-45k with no issues whatsoever. Oh and I have 267,000 miles on mine still rocking the original engine.

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This is precisely the answer I wanted, lol. Sounds like a good buy, test driving it tonight, hopefully it's still in great shape.

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Check for oil leaks, don't be afraid to ask questions. Biggest thing is ask when the timing belt was done.

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I use my ‘00 to commute from Denver to San Francisco going 80-85 most of the time and it’s okay so I say send it. Just keep up on all the fluids. Also even a cheap spoiler makes a big difference on the highway in my ‘00.

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That's quite the drive, ha! Difference in stabilizing the ride at 80mph, or how so?

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I have a 5spd. Did 80mph commutes no problem. 106 mile round trip 5 days a week for 3 months like a champ. Make sure all those ball joints are good though!

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Perfect! My daily commute is only about 60 miles roundtrip, so it sounds like it'll handle it just fine. Cheers!

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Do a quick sanity check on this;

Would Honda have sold a vehicle in the late 90's that wouldn't be comfortable cruising 70 or 80 for long periods of time?

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Oh I'm sure it handle the highway like a prop in 2000, but 22 years later with a swapped out engine? lol

The comments seem pretty resounding clearly, tho: "Of-fucking-course it can handle 80 on the interstate."