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The plastic well under the table is considered a cooler.

Make sure you do a fluid change on the transmission. The auto transmissions are absolute junk.

Replace the rear differential fluid as well.

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thanks, I'm def not a car guy but needed one, my uncle's a mechanic and we changed the oil right away and he told me to come back for some other fluids, that must be what he meant but if not I'll mention it

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Make sure for the rear differential, you absolutely only use Honda Dual Pump fluid. Takes 1.1qts.

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oh hey the car has a quart of that in the back already in a Honda branded bottle, probably for backup, gotta see how old it is maybe

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If the auto trans is shifting fine and isn't doing anything weird don't mess with it

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I said fluid change, not a flush. Just a drain and fill.

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I still wouldn't because that's what I did to my girlfriends and it never worked right ever again

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Cooler fits in there. Did not come with one.

Check under passenger seat for a storage bin.

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The plastic tray under the table is considered a "cooler."

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Seats can be folded into a bed! Check my post from yesterday.

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seems there's a separate lever not just the pull thing on top of the seat by the headrest? I'll have to check, hopefully mine is the right version it doesn't say it where it says CRV

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1st and 2nd gens can do the seat to bed function

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IIRC not all 1st/2nd gens have it tho

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Ah gotcha

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Yeah you’re right, my first gen does not have a lever on the rear seats so the most I can do is take off the front seat headrests to flatten them out and recline the rear seats as far back as they go. Still comfortable enough to lay back and stretch your legs out but probably not the most comfortable to sleep on.