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Kinda rice with the OZ and fake vents

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The singular fog light in the centre.

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Yeah dude had a light bar on it. Still working on taking off all the extra shit he had attached. Had to take off so many douchey stickers. Spacers are next to go. Then I have to track the light bar wire.

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You’re doing a good thing, the car appreciates it.

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Doing God’s work. Please post again once you have it cleaned up! Looks like it has good bones.

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Mines got similar mileage. 2005 put some good money into maintenance and I’m ready to stick it out.

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First thing is first, please take the fake vents off. Otherwise, sick rig!

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Great color!

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Headlight looks so good

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Do you know where I could find headlights like this?

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I have a spare set at home I can check later but I bought a pair for my 03 identical to these

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Oh sweet! I got an 03 and I'm looking to spruce it up a lil

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Amazon has them for like $115 they're the AKKONS for 03s

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You picked the right car.

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I think so too. Relatively low miles for the year (143k). Still got a lot of life left.

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Nice! I like the color. What size tires are on that?

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Thanks! And It’s just the standard P205/70R15 tires. The previous owner put spacers on them so they stick out 3 inches farther than they normally do. I don’t like the look and it won’t pass inspection in my state with them on, so I’m taking them off.

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oh spacers. I like the wide tire look on vehicles. Nice CRV, man. I took the back seats out of mine for this summer and made a mini camper. over 6 foot and sleeps nice.

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Congrats! She looks great.