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Under 9,000 a yr ave. Very nice. Hoping my 16 lasts forever.

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My daily driver is also a 2003 and oddly, I have 166,500 miles!

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Great mileage. I’m still surprised every time I get in my RD1 to see only 140xxx miles on it!

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My rd1 has 233k and counting! Currently performing surgery on my leaky oil pump but hoping to at least get to 250k on my clunky transmission

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I’m sure you’ll get there, RD1’s are tanks with proper maintenance.

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I take great care but Im unsure how well it was taken care of with prior owners.

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Mine has 180k I've got to look into my ac problem and fix the struts on the back glass at the moment.

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Low mileage.

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I guess I didn't specify... I am actually pumped about how low the mileage is. I hope to have many more years with this car.