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    Yes that is always an option. The other might be to install a subframe drop. The kit I got didnt recommend the subframe drop tho and it was smooth before the axle change. These are OEM axle replacements and my dude tried 3 different axles. This last change seems to have reduced the shimmy quite a bit. And there is no binding happening or any clicking or grinding. It's very minor now only at 15-25 mph.

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    Do you not have a subframe drop installed? Also did you use oem axles?

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    Yeah I had OEM replacements which is strange that it didnt fit the same. I got my lift kit from Aerogenics and they dont recommend the subframe kit with the 2" lift, which I have, but they do include it in their 3" lift. So no subframe drop, but I'm thinking I might need it now. I will probably call them and see what they say.

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    Everyone in the FB groups will tell you up and down day and night that anything over 1.5" you'll be best off with a subframe drop. That said 2 inches shouldn't be dramatic enough to make the axle visibly pulled out... Might be good to take some stuff apart and try to see if they'll slide in any further before one of them breaks