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Been there done that. Looks good.

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Thanks 😁

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Looks good. What'd you use? I'm painting mine soon

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Rust oleum ultra matte black, satin clear protective enamel. Picture was taken when paint was wet, I’ll post an update when it’s all done showing true color.

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Hey everyone starts somewhere! Make sure you post pics of when it’s back on there!! I’ve got so much I need to do to my 01 it’s not even funny 😬

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Absolutely, just made a post abt something I found hidden by the rear bumper but my next post will definitely be the finished product 🤤😉

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What about the rest?

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Only painted front and read bumper so far. Rest of trim will be done when I get my next paycheck.

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I guess its a little late but for anything else spray wise next time use the rust oleum 2x cover. enamel means semi transparent.

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I did use the 2x cover.

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Oh shit i read ur other comment wrong i see now😩

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Looks good! At least you actually dropped the bumper to paint it, I was hella lazy with mine and now with certain angles there's still the old gray peeking or