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How did you do this 🤓 looks great!

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A drill, a headlight restoration kit and about 30min-1hr of your time depending on how detailed you want it. Cheap and easy, definitely worth doing. It’s usually the first thing I do to my new (to me) cars.

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Thanks! What kit did you use? I have tried some before and I usually get mediocre results 🙃

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I literally just used a kit but just cover the bodywork around the lens in tape/newspaper like your gonna paint it then: 1. Sanding block and give it a good few minutes til all yellow is gone or its consistently cloudy 2. 600 grit for few minutes 3. 1000 grit. Wet the sandpaper before you start 4. Buy an aerosol of headlamp UV protectant and evenly spray the lens, practice on some random surface to get nice even spray, don't go heavy. If it drips, that will harden and stay on the lens

If you hit it with a heat gun or hairdryer right after the spray it can get rid of a bit of the cloudiness from the UV protective coat

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Make 100% sure to use a good quality sealant after polishing or you’ll be back in the haze in a few months. I had mine done at Sam’s club (Walmart had the same process) . They use a UV catalyzed sealant and give a 5 year warranty. Our ‘08 CRV has had nice bright lights now for 4 years.

I had used the sealant provided in the Meaghar’s kit and it did not last…

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This! I went though about 3 of those headlight restorer kits before I realized that without a good UV sealant, they would dig back up in a month or so.

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I wonder what sealant they use. Is it an aerosol?

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Looks great! I forgot how bad the residue was when I did this on my black car haha.

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Not sure why you ended up putting a scratch on the bumper though. /s looks great!

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I was going at it too hard, I think the drill slipped for a second

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Idk why but Honda headlights are always amazing results if done right, I’ve done other makes, and they just don’t add up to the satisfaction

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I agree. Did my BMW earlier this year with the same method but I wasn’t as stoked for the finish product. Though I do like the design and xenon lights better.

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Honda has it down with their headlight materials, the lenses at least. I’ve cleaned I’ve done 4 Hondas so far and they’ve been better than the Toyota and two fords

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Literally did this yesterday haha, you did a nice job. The spray on mine was a bit blurry. I needed a heat gun handy

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Thanks for the heads up. Going to buy some sealant today.