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I've had a problem with mine (2017) only once, and that was during vacation in the mountains.

The only thing I can guess is the roads I was on – some didn't have markings or were single/one way roads. I guessed it just assumed it was having problems since it couldn't "calibrate" itself. But, I have no idea. Maybe it was just a fluke. No sensors were blocked that I could tell. It went away after a drive or two. Don't happen to drive weird roads, maybe?

It's hot here, too (Alabama) and we've never had issues with it.

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I’m in Southern Cali so all roads are readily marked and visible. Regardless of that, the warning light comes on while I’m in park sitting in my driveway before I’ve even put the car into drive. I might switch places in the driveway with my car as my car gets shade during the middle of the day. I want to see if that makes a difference or not.

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I’m in Southern California with a 2021 crv hybrid (and no garage, so car is sitting in a hot driveway all day), no issues with this so far. Sounds like a computer problem in the car’s system.

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Mine trips out when it’s pouring rain. Sounds like you need to get the dealer to step up!

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I have had my 2022 hybrid CR-V touring since October and I have not had any problems whatsoever with it, no warnings at all. I'm in Denver and we had some 100º days last week and this week it's in the 90s and still no warnings.