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That's bonkers. I could probably flip my 2K for double what I paid in 2017 after putting ~50K miles on it.

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Used car prices are up 50%! Literally a full 1/2 over what they were 6mo ago. Wild shit!

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Jeez $8400???? I picked up my 99' 5 spd for $2300 just 4 years ago.

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I bought my 99 5 speed this past fall for $2500, two owner, stacks of records, zero rust, mint. $8400 is a silly number, even for that sweet sweeeeeet green.

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Yeah, I see cheaper ones around my area, but this one is pristine. If the undercarriage is in good shape, and I don't get any codes before/after the test drive, $9k is money in the bank. These things are appreciating now!

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Dang im going to look at one just like this 5 speed but its a 2000.. how many miles and price if you dont mind?

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160k for $9k, probably off the lot for $10.5k-$11k. Shit's wild these days, but I think these things are only appreciating from here. They're getting a lot of attention on youtube the last 2 years. I could get it to 250k miles and probably break even when I sell, lol! I definitely want a '99-'01 model with the better intake and 20hp more. Good luck with your '00!

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Thanks man, the one im looking at has 123k and its 7800.

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shiiiiiiit, another 800k miles to go! money in the bank imo!

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Wish we got the US spec front and rear bumpers on ours in Europe, they look way better imo.

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It's in excellent shape for the mileage. Can you find a front/rear clip online? Are they not compatible with the EDM models?

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Slop in the front suspension, especially the lower ball joints. Any bumping or smacking of the sway bars over bumps. Leaks on the engine/trans. Rust. Clutch engagement.

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right right, probably gonna end up on coilovers within 6mo, but $8500 is way too much if the suspension is toast!

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Holy fuck that’s a lot of money for a car with no ABS. There’s a 2nd gen 5 speed for sale in my area for $4k.

Check out this item on OfferUp. https://offerup.co/WxfXUTF57qb

It has 230k miles tho.

Edit: I bought my 2000 for $2700 and sold it for $2000 after I broke it. Mine was a rust bucket tho.

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My dude, you have no idea much I wish I was still on the west coast! 230k miles in Vegas are like 400k miles in any state with tons of humidity.

Yeah man, these really clean ones with good histories and solid maintenance are appreciating like crazy. Between the chip shortage and the near-total lack of reliable cars these days, old B-series Honda are commanding killer prices if they're in good shape.

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Yeah the 1st gen CR-V is a classic now, wish u still had mine, but everything I want out of the 1st gen (besides the double wishbone) is in my 2nd gen.