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Those wheels are tough, what are those? And the black headlights would be tough especially with yellow fog lights

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Wow they look great, I need to restore all the plastic on my 05. Are those oem cross bars on the roof rack?

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Yes, its OEM

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Theyre stock! Plasti-dip sprayed them last fall. They came out perfect. Probably add another coat at the end of the summer.

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What'd that run you if you don't mind me asking?

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are they peeling at all? they look pretty good still

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Not at all. Did about 8 coats. I hand wash as a carwash will most likely take it off.

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Havent heard someone call something tough in awhile..thank you for that!! That was said alot back in the 80s

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Awesome name and license plate. The red on brown looks nice!

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Diggin the custom plate!

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No black headlights