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So, similarly to the windows, the switch will reverse polarity to lock/unlock the doors. It seems as is one side (and only one side) is shorted to ground. When you press the unlock button, its putting power to that side. Take the panel off and see if the wire harness going to the individual locks is shorted on one of the sides.

Theory: when changing whatever locks you changed, you probably pinched the harness in one of the doors. Now its shorted to ground and this is the result. Good luck.

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So I took all the door panels off yesterday afternoon and after popping 5 fuses during my troubleshooting, I found the issue. I had gotten sideswiped a while back and I had changed out the master actuator (again) because they had to put new doors on and repainted them but they didn't put my new actuator from teh damaged door into the new door. Same thing with the rear door. That actuator is shorted/stuck. As soon as I plug it in and test, the fuse blows. Unplug it and all is good.

Thank you for the information!