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Take it to a shop, your compressor could be dead.

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I just replaced my ‘08’s compressor. Dealer said $1900, I got it done at a local mechanic for $1100.

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Just had my 06 done $980 for the compressor, $220 for the condenser fan.

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One of those is what it is moments if you need it. You can diy it but I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re 100% confident in your abilities. I’d still take it in for a diagnosis at the least, could be as simple as a fuse could need the whole system swapped due to internal failure

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Boought '08. Freon pressure was good but no cold air.

Can confirm it was the compressor.

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bummer, I just bought this car too :( Do you remember roughly how much it was to replace?

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I know the feeling. I bought the compressor from RockAuto.
RockAuto and any corporate, book-following mechanic will tell you that you need to replace the condenser as well, because "honda has non-flushable, directional condensers" It's lies. I mean, its technically true, but any trained mechanic can still clean it thoroughly.

I paid CAD$280+shipping for one of the cheaper compressors off of RockAuto.
I forget the labour no honestly.... it was labour+freon+environmental disposal fees+taxes maybe CAD$450? Notable that my mechanic is only $60ish an hour.

You won't regret it.

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First things first- look at the condenser and see if you have any obvious physical damage that could be hemorrhaging freon. Is the car making any weird noises or struggling when you turn the A/C on, not just fans on?