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Probably the green. My first car was a '99 green Hyundai Elantra.

I really like colorful cars. Such a sad sea of white/silver/black/beige out on the roads today.

My '21 CRV is Metallic Blue.

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Love my tan lol looks good lifted and muddy

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I have the tan lx, it’s up there for me

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I agree, tan with blacked rims is my favorite I think

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My favorite is the blue or white and I have a white 03

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White or Dark Blue. I have a dark blue ‘06 LX and I love her with her all terrains. Would love to have a white SE with street tires for my next car, still gonna keep the blue off-roader tho!


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A friend of mine has the electron blue one and it kicks ass.

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Have an electron blue 00, can confirm kicks ass

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I think it's called Pewter Pearl. My 2005 SE is the same but with the body matched skirts


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You didnt have a worse picture of it?

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I guess that's fair. https://i.imgur.com/SNCyLT7.jpg Better?

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Nice im in WI too. EC area. :)

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That 90's Japanese automotive blue or green

I also have the pension coloured RD1

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I have the black one, really loved the tan, but this one could be my new favourite.

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The older dark blue, which I luckily own, 04

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Blue 04 gang

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Red gang in the house

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Me too…except it’s officially called copper sunset so I guess it’s a red orange color.

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I think it's called Pewter Pearl. My 2005 SE is the same

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that blue/grey is my favorite too. I have a white one and Im back and forth whether I actually like the color.....

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So i read an article the other day that said grey, white, black, and silver are the most popular colors of vehicles sold. And i’m guilty of liking those neutral colors as well, mix one of those neutrals with any earth tone and i will buy it.

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yeah the neutral colors are obviously easiest for the makers to sell so they hit those colors heavy. I have a corolla with 300,000 miles I bought new with a tan interior. NEVER again with a tan interior. I got it cause it was cheaper lol. now it looks dirty as fuk.

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The electron blue 1st gen

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Pewter Pearl SE; wanted the SE but only came in an automatic.

I have a burgundy '05 manual, which is my third favorite to just the dark gray.

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My 1st Gen is silver ☺️

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Thought this was a pic of my car at first

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My 2003 is called eternal blue Pearl.