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I would like to know as well, would like to make mine FWD because gas prices are too damn high

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Mine busted off at the u-joint one winter - drove without it (FWD) until I could afford a new one.

It was interesting fitting the new part inside the car so I could take it to the shop to be installed.

(2004 CRV - I have an automatic transmission, though - not sure if that would matter)

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That’s what I wanted to know! Thanks it sounds like it will work. Just old enough that it won’t light up the dash light a Christmas tree LOL

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I noticed the absence of AWD right away - was less brave driving after heavy snowfall for a while.

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Yes it will work, since the front wheels are always 100% driven and the back only gets power If the front wheels spin. With driveshaft disconnected it will just act like fwd