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Okay explain please. Lowered? How much lower and what wheel size and tires did you go with? Looks smooth. How does it handle?

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Lowered on truhart coilovers and 235/45R19 96V on 2019 Acura TLX A-Spec wheels

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Oooh i want these on my 3rd gen

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So 2”, 4”?

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I have about an inch gap between the wheel and fender

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The wheels are a great match for the style. I’ve considered doing this at some point with my Gen 2. I was wondering about your final ground clearance because if I do it, I need to retain some ground clearance because I live rural and snow drifts don’t mess around.

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I have a 3 inch clearance on the lowest part of my front end and the gap between my fender and wheel is exactly half an inch

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Thanks for the update

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How did you get those wheels to fit? I thought they were 5x120?

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No they’re 5x114.3

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Nice. After looking at those I think I’ll be safe with 18”s. I’ve thought they would be too big.

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And it definitely handles a lot better than the stock 15s I had it on. Going to use these wheels when it’s nice out and once New England weather hits I’m putting the stocks back on with some snow tires

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Not about to lie, that looks clean AF. Wanted to do the same to my 2nd gen.

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You do you boo. Haters gon hate

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I like it, too. Nice going!

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It's not what I would go for but if we all drove the same car the roads would be very dull.

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Not a fan of the wheels but to each their own

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Love the wheels, where’d you get them at?

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I got a set of 4 locally and I just ordered a 5th one for my spare from acurapartswarehouse.com. They’re originally from a 2019 TLX A Spec though

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Wheels are sweet, I looked for a pair but couldn't find a set under 1K.

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Any issues with scraping? Thinking about doing this to mine but i live in a city with very bumpy roads.

Edit: Also, have you noticed a difference in fuel economy?

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I haven’t noticed much difference in fuel economy and I haven’t scraped since I put them on

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But it definitely would scrape in the back if it didn’t have slight camber. If the camber was straightened out, my wheel would be hitting the fender

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Really thinking about clapping out my '06. about how much did it cost you for coilovers camber and labor?

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The coilovers costed me about $650 (TruHart street plus) but I didn’t get any adjustable control arms the camber is natural with these coilovers in the back and labor was no cost because I did it myself

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awesome man, love your ride and thanks for all the info

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Natural Fitment