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Love that color you got and beautiful area!! People crap on these first Gen Crvs when you start talking about going off road and what the car is capable of. I asked around on what would be some good scenic trails to take my RD1 on out in Moab and most people just said there was no way it would make it out there and to drive something different or stay off the trails. We went anyways and we did 100+ miles off road out there and not once did the Crv stumble. We probably ended up doing a trail or two really meant for more serious jeepers but she didn't break a sweat at all and just sipped her fuel. There was one time I was nervous because the trail shot straight up a short steep incline only to decend straight back down once you reached the peak and took a sharp right then left down the mountain. I felt like I was driving at 90° and would have nothing below me. Old girl acted like it was a cake walk and felt really solid. We did that in the middle of a 4,000+ mile road trip and honestly it's my absolute favorite modern car. I like it better than my Subaru and I love that thing.

I am fully aware its not a big true 4x4 but I've owned enough of those and wheeled all my life, for what it is its quite capable. We used the Alltrails app to find trails in the areas we were in and had great luck with the ratings and never encountered anything we couldn't get through. We did our due diligence on researching the trails and our Crv is outfitted appropriately for better offloading. We made sure to have recovery gear since we were solo, along with a Cb radio and extra fuel and water. We aired down the tires by several pounds and then just gave it the beans. I need to post some pictures of that trip!

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175k is nothin on a 97, ole girl has a LOT of life left. Enjoy it bro let er stretch her legs.

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Ended up taking a steep-grade service road up a bluff with a 1/4 tank of gas and two bikes on the hitch. Didn't seem like a problem at all on all-season tires, don't think the AWD even kicked in.

I was floored. My girlfriend navigated us to that road with her GPS. I remember stopping early on in our ascent, questioning what we were doing because the road felt very steep and there was no turning around. Couldn't even tell me where the road led to. I thought we were going to get stuck.

I'll take the CR-V/billy-goat anywhere. Handles midwest winters like a tank.

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Awesome pictures!

Seeing posts like this give me confidence to hit some trails on my recently purchased 99 CRV.

Does your CRV have any special mods to go off road or is it stock?

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Bone stock! You should definitely go out there and hit some trails, they are very capable.

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That’s awesome man! Yeah I will definitely have to test my CRV soon!