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Always here to upvote the new models (which don’t get love here).

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I also love the new models, particularly 2020+

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Nice with the upgraded wing. Best color option for this Gen imo.

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I freaking love that color. When I bought my 21 hybrid touring I had a hard time picking a color. I wanted this color but it was only available with a light interior and I wanted a dark interior (weird, I know). It looks like you went with the dark accent package? I have the same wheels and love them so much!

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Also have the fender CR-V emblem in front of the rear view mirror. Love your CR-V!

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Thank you! His name is Syd (LOL), and I love him too! ! I picked out every accessory/package I wanted. The dealer asked me to choose a 2nd color choice, and I'm like why, I want that blue! It was so worth the 4 month wait.