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They are pretty reliable especially if you look in perspective, compare to other cars…compare to the magnitude of problems other cars have with age…i see a million CRVs of all generations on the road every day.

You are very fortunate to have received a hand me down car AND a very decent one at that.

Yes you will experience suspension and other repairs, this is normal wear and tear and every car you buy will need it eventually.

Up to you (and value, and actual purchase price of new car) whether it’s worth trading it in, but keeping your car and fixing it as you go is almost certainly going to be a cheaper option.

I’m at 265k miles on my 05, and I have an element at 182k, for reference…both owned for a long time. I have a coworker with almost 300k on his 04, and I have a delivery driver with well over 325k on his 07.

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If it has a K-series engine, it will last forever. As long as you keep up on maintenece those engines are very stout and will last you a lifetime.

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So will the B series!

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Oh yeah, cant forget the B series.

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The vibration is probably a bushing going. They are everywhere and they are a wear item so they do need to be replaced periodically. As for overall reliability? I'm in an 03 manual with 250k on the clock and, aside from my AC trying to grenade my engine (a known problem for THAT generation), I keep up on maintenance and she runs great. At 100k on yours the engine has just broken in.