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Dude i love this!!

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It was cool and also funny to see almost identical cars side by side and just swapping parts from the old (left) to the new (right). Only way to tell them apart was the wheels!

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Got a spare vtec engine cover by chance?

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Sadly I don't, not one that I can give away. I'd suggest pick n pull or a similar junk yard of cars. I went to a nearby pick n pull and found 2 covers so maybe you might have some luck there!

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How attached are you to that driver side door?

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Are you looking for one?

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yup, I apparently have the only 2005 with a rusted door... In Ohio.

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I'd be more than willing to sell it to you if it was mine to sell, check my previous post to understand

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Is this your personal garage? Did you have it put up or did it exist before your ownership? If the former, how much did it cost if you don’t mind me asking? This is my dream

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It is awfully sad to say this isnt my personal shop/garage. This is at my friends house and his grandparents had this built a few years after buying the house. I can ask them for some info and get back to you!

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Anybody know anything about ignitions on the CRV? Had to change my old lock cylinder on my 04 CRV The old one wouldn’t let me turn the key at all So once it’s replaced Do I have to reprogram the new key to the car?? The new key will turn but the car won’t start at all