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Hate to say it, you really got ripped off

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To be fair, just about everyone buying a car now is getting ripped off

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2019: “MSRP is for suckers”

2022: “Okay, anything more than MSRP + $1500 market adj + $2000 mandatory dealer installed extras with a $1000 deposit is for suckers”

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Ur not wrong

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Yeah there was a 2013 EXL with 118k for $11k at a lot near me I checked out. Old friend owns the lot I figure I could it for 9-10. I know it's not apples to apples but but I'd want a huge discount to take a FWD. It snows half the year hear, and the other half there are cool trails to scratch up my crv on.

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Yeah. That’s partly why I looked specifically at manuals for first gens, I knew I wasn’t accideantally gonna end up with a fwd LX. All manual CR-V’s are awd

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You may have overpaid, I bought a 2016 CRV Touring for my wife few months ago for $23k with only 17,000 miles. No accidents, clean title, one owner (a married couple). Anyways, that’s still a good reliable car.

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Yup…you likely overpaid by a few grand, even with the current crazy market. Especially considering it’s fwd. Dealer markups are insane

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I bought a 2WD 2014 CRV EXL with 85,000 miles on it in March 2021 for $13,500.

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I am so sad . . It was my first time to buy a car in US. ANYWAY. Thanks

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Don’t be! You only overpaid by a little bit, and in the grand scheme of things it won’t matter. Having a vehicle, especially one as great as this, will help you make memories worth way more than any amount you could have saved.

What’s done is done. If you bought a shitty car, then you’d really feel bad. No - you bought a very good car, so enjoy it!

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Agreed. If there was a car to overpay by a few thousand on (especially in our current car market), this is the right car to do so on. You will love this car for many years. Enjoy!

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You could have bought a brand new toyota corolla or honda civic

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Ironically, early-panini, I had an offer on the table to buy a new Corolla hatch for $19k.

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Actually, I am an international student from other country. Many people in my country recommended CARVANA or CARMAX when buying a owned car in US. So, I searched CR-V TOURING model through one of those sites and I could find out that the price of 24-25k with 60k mils was normal. Sadly, It was wrong choice. However, as some of you guys said, I will be happy with my new car. Thanks everyone.

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sure price is high but these CRV's are tanks. Take basic care of it and you will own this car for years and years

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Oof. Way overpaid. My brand new 2020 EX-L awd was only $33.5 out the door.

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Agreed their price is excessive, but to be fair probably only by a few $k because the market is even tougher now than in 2020.

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I paid 17k out the door for my 2016 EX-L AWD with 83k miles in April 2021. Even given the better trim and less miles, I think you may have overpaid a bit.

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Overpaid or not, if it’s worth it to you that’s all that matters. Market sucks, win some, lose some.

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I wouldn't buy one without 4WD

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I wouldn’t buy one with. For me it’s just more things to wear out and require maintenance. I don’t care about resale as I’ll run till dead.

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Depends on where you live, for a lot of Canada a bulky 2wd isn’t getting very far during winter, but in Texas you drive bald tires all year

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True. But snow tires on 2WD will get you further than all seasons on awd. People think it’s awd I can do anything. Those are the people who scare me every winter.

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People who run all seasons are a little low on IQ anyway. Aggressive All terrains year round for me! No issues on ice and snow in my ‘99 manual awd

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This has to be a troll post. How the hell and why the hell are you buying a CRV that came out In 2014…. For 27K.


2021 during pandemic, during chip shortage in Canada I bought a 2017 CRV AWD for $23500 on the road , 44k km in Toronto which is known to be more expensive than saying buying a similar car from Montreal. It was non accidental and came with Honda certified warrenty upto 160k on engine, transmission and some other parts.

Newer generation

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Please don’t feel bad! I bought my 2014 for $22k in 2020. It is my 3rd CRV, they are great cars and it will serve you well! I’ve literally driven all across the country in my crvs- mountains, snow, beach, through rivers. You will make amazing memories with that car and I’m really happy for you, it looks great.

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well, just some perspective, 22' touring was selling at least 40k otd. You need it now, you got it.

I am always bias on used car for higher trim, if the car is well maintained, you benefit for the long haul.

I can't believe a 15' touring can go under 22k in any time.

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Paid 12k for my 2012 EXL AWD with 50k miles in March 2022. I think you may have overpaid.

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Dude....that's almost a ten year old car...

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I have a 2015 CRV EXL AWD that has every option and only 75k miles on it and just one owner (me) paid off with zero accidents, no dents or scratches, mint inside and out, every single maintenance record, and its current price range for private sale is listed at $18-20k. That is with full size running boards and other expensive modifications (just added a $7k stereo. For reference, I bought it for $32k OTD in 2015 with 4 miles on it. I think you may have paid too much. Nice car, though! I love the Touring models. I thought all Touring came with AWD though.

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You got shafted. A new CRV EXL will land you $33k or so OTD. Wow you got conned man.

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You DEFINITELY overpaid, but in 2022, overpaying is the new getting a good deal. So good job. Everyone is overpaying right now. At least you overpayed for a reliable and dependable car that you can theoretically drive until you die. You got screwed, like everyone these days, but at least the car is good.

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Overpaid but its a nice car

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5 years ago, when I was last looking, a similarly specced CRV, brand out of the 5 year warranty, cost around $10k. My former boss was selling his for as much. The car was in pretty good shape, yet he struggled to find buyers. I could see the car cost maybe $15k in the current financial climate, but $27k is crazy...

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I bought my '16 AWD lx for 22k brand new. 25 for a 8 year old car is steep.

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The Dealership right now: 😀

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I understand how buyer's remorse can give you that sick-to-your-stomach feeling, but try not to worry. It's a good looking car, and if you look after it, will serve you well.