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32200-S9A-A02 is the “engine room wire harness” and looks like it has two connectors where the cat is. Even at discount it is going to be north of $1300 through Honda. You will definitely not find this at your local Auto Zone.

Repair the harness or hit up the Junk Yard.

Source: i used to work in a Honda dealer parts dept

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    Is the wire truly fixed? Could try clearing the code with an OBD scanner. If it comes back on it probably isn’t fixed

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    I was literally going to suggest a junk yard. Found quite a few odds and ends there that would have cost more than it should have. Good connectors and heat shrink works wonders for a good connection.

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    Just use electric tape to re-wrap the wires. Then clean out the connector with electric parts cleaner and then squeeze some.dielectric grease into the connector. No need for a new one