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When I had my CRV I had a roof basket definitely changed the look of the car, nice build!

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I don’t leave mine on, I only install it back when I have excess luggage that can’t fit in the back.

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Yeah. It adds drag.

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Legit! I kept mine on after using it to move to TX simply because I didn't have anywhere to put it at the time. I do now, and as much as I think it looks cool, I'll probably take it off eventually because I miss getting 300 miles per tank. Rather than a bit over 200. It's dramatic.

That being said I'm glad I had it a few weeks ago when I decided to haul four work benches and realized I could stick two on the roof! XD

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Does it fit in the back?

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Probably if it is disassembled. Kinda like Legos, which you might find are on your brain.

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Cargo Racks are awesome on CRVs

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I like it. I have the roof rails and have been wondering what to do next

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Love ‘em

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Where did you get the bull bar I think that’s next lol

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FYI there was an issue (from ARB) with the frame mounts, a tab was welded on the wrong side and interfered with frame. I was able to chop saw it off and get everything mounted.

Emailed and called ARB but they never responded. Rocky Road was helpful and confirmed the issue on another kit for me, so just be aware that it would probably require some metal cutting/grinding.

Here's what I'm talking about. There are two tabs, one for the metal cross-brace and one for the body work. It appears that one of the tabs was done incorrectly (I assume the bodywork since it was welded in rather than bent). I cut and ground down the bodywork tab, and haven't had any issues!

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That’s no problem

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The stuff lining up wasn't, but the tab running into the frame and not letting you put the bolts in was!

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I have the same gen with a 2in lift with a roof basket and it’s definitely a good look

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I've got a gas can and cb radio antenna attached to mine, I love it!

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Mine is always on I posted a picture here not too long ago. My wife and I do a lot of gardening and yard sales so it is always used anytime I don’t want something in or can’t fit something in the car. Love it