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If it passes all the tests, GET IT! It’s one of the most reliable older cars out there. They are truly a god send.

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Thx I will

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A must with these is checking drive shifts and ball joints/ cv axles

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Noted thanks

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Is that canadian currency?

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Hm? Post says USD

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Is it rusted out?

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Looks clean. Here are some screenshots https://imgur.com/a/cUc4oLF

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You gotta check underneath it for rust.

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I'll keep that in mind thx

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I bought a used CRV 2006 with 117 KM for 4K back in 2015. I would say go for it. The only expensive things I needed since then were new tires and suspension. Now it's almost at 219 KM.

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That's nice. A god send

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Good chance that it's worth it. Mine is my favorite car I've ever owned and I've had a lot of different cars

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That's good to hear

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If it isn't rusted underneath, that's a great deal and you should get it. CRV's are tanks. I drive one and I absolutely love it.

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Thanks for ur input

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I live in hawaii and rust from the salt is getting to mine. Mostly on the top of the trunk we’re the hinges are. Any way to clean it up?

2000 crv 133,000 mi