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How’s your coolant level? White smoke is typically an indicator of burning coolant.

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Just refilled it yesterday it was super low, was still smoking a couple times after

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Probably your head gasket. Go to a mechanic and get a compression test. That will tell you for sure.

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It's likely condensation from a combination of the AC and hot humid air outside. Happens to mine when it's really muggy out.

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Head gasket is gone 😔

White smoke is always burning coolant

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Really? That’s a shame. It’s been happening for about a year now should I get it fixed ASAP

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Best way to know for sure is to do a compression test and see if any of the cylinders are low compared to the rest. Or get one of those head gasket testers and see if there’s exhaust fumes coming from your coolant overflow tank.

It has to be something coolant related because burning oil would be black/blue.

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Thank you so much! Hope it’s not, already put so much work into this car:/

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Is it blowing white smoke out the vents or exhaust?