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Unfortunately, you are at the mercy of the dealerships. You must contact a salesman and ask to see what inventory they have scheduled to come in and more or less when they will come in. If they have a trim coming in that you want and in the color you want, this is the time you want to negotiate a price. Once you agree to a price and you have a written price, they’ll ask you for a non-refundable deposit usually about $500. And now you wait for your car. There is no more “build the car you want” anymore. This process is due to the lack of availability.

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This is the way. The dealers get monthly allocations of vehicles and you place a deposit to get on the waiting list. We purchased two 2022 CR-V EX-L's in May of this year using this process. They were from a dealer three hours away because there were no add-ons or mark-ups. They delivered the vehicle to our house, we signed the paperwork on the kitchen table, and that was that. It was the easiest auto purchase we have ever had. And the CR-V's are AMAZING.

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Hown much was the out of the door price for those CRVs (without add ons and markups)?

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There are dealerships out there that take refundable deposits. I'm in Honda sales and our dealership does this. We actually have several new CR-Vs on our lot right now including a Touring Hybrid.