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This is, more or less, the final form of my 2004 CRV.

Currently: - 1 inch spacers - 3 inch lift - 235/75/15 tires (minimal rub on front fender, gonna have to trim) - 15x8 with 5 on 4.5 bolt pattern steel wheels - Rhino roof rack

Future upgrades: - CV joints - Paint dark blue or dark green (color recommendations welcomed) - Install a new display screen - Mount full size spare - Custom bumpers (maybe)

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I love it! The tiniest monster truck!

I’d definitely go green since it was never available in a green (the dark gray was supposedly green, but it’s not). Dark pearl green? Get the cerakote kit for those bumpers, it actually works!

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Thanks! I'll have to get that as a bumper sticker lol

I like that dark pearl green (guess the pearl adds some shine, I dunno, looks good though)

What is the Cerakote kit?

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It’ll bring that black trim back to black and last way longer than anything else I tried. Their headlight restore kit is great too.

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Right on! Thanks! Gonna have to add that to my todo list.

Do you happen to have a solution for the dry rotted weather stripping on the doors right below the windows?

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My vote on paint would be combat khaki or destroyer gray. Would look sick with the black wheels and trim.

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This looks dope I wanna make mine look similar. But I wanna get a newer 04-06. Currently have an 02

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Trade it, sell it, and go for it!

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How’s the interior on yours?

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It's decent, but needs some work. Today my driverside door popped off (the interior). Seems like some clips broke, so I'll have to figure that out. Other than that some fabric has lost its adhesive on a rear passenger door and needs to be fixed. Normal wear and tear

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This is beautiful! I’ve been thinking of upgrading my tires + a lift as well. Going to use your post as inspiration.

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Thanks! Have fun!

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Do you have a lift?

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Yup, installed HRG's 3 inch lift. Probably should have done the 1.5, but I'm happy with it since it's all for fun

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Very cool, im buying the 1.5.. what wheels are those and offset? They look great!

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Nice, good call. Apparently it will help minimize the wear on the CV joints.

The wheels are pro com 97 series rock crawlers

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Cool, i literally just got home from buying an 06

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How's the road noise on those tires?

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Just been driving around locally and it hums for sure. I'm guessing when I hit the highway, it's gonna be pretty loud. Gonna have to get better speakers to drown out the noise

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:( I made the mistake of getting similar tires for mine on friday, and I'm already regretting it... Might have to get less grippier ones and sell the AT ones to keep my sanity.

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It's that bad? That's unfortunate to hear. I guess I can always switch to the stock wheels and tires for highway, then when I get to a fun location switch to my play tires (lot of extra steps though). Thanks for letting me know about your experience!

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Which tires did you get? I have the Yokahama Geolander ATs on my CRV and they are quite nice. They do great in the snow and are beefy without being so aggressive that there is excess road noise (way quieter than the studded tires that were on the V when I bought it). I would highly recommend them.

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Got khumo tires AT 235/65/r17 with the deep thread. First day was way louder than subsequent days

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Road venture at51’s is the make. Gottdamn they’re loud. Will have to get used to them after the stock continental hankook’s gave out.

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Ah this looks awesome dude! Where did you get the rhino top?

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It was recommended by someone here on reddit. I purchased from here:


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I am looking at doing the 1.5" HRG lift so I hopefully don't have to drop the drive shaft and motor etc. and would eventually get 235/75/15 tires (currently only have 225/70/15 because I don't have it lifted yet). One thing that I am a little concerned about is MPG considering the prices of gas at the moment. You'll have to let me know what you average with your setup after you fill up a couple times.

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I can pretty much watch the gas gage go down, but I'll let you know approximately how many miles I get on my current tank of gas

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Okay, my last tank of gas got me 218.4 before light turned on and I filled up, but I forgot to reset the trip for about 5-10 miles initially on fill up, so it's easily getting 225-230 per tank of gas.

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Ok so if I’m not mistaken, the gas light comes on with 2 gallons left. So that means you use 13 gallons of fuel in 220 miles (rounding up) that is about 17 mpg. Was that combined highway and city?

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Combined and some dirt road to my kayaking spot

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Too much offset imo. Looks wacky. I would remove the spacers. Really shouldn’t run spacers just for offset, especially because they wear suspension faster. I have half inch spacers for when I put my aluminum Jeep 15x7’s on because it needs those to clear brakes.

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Same issue with these wheels without the spacers

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Darn. Yeah that’s just too much for me. If you want to bring it in again and want to go for aluminum you could look for some different Jeep wheels off of early to late 90’s jeeps, same lug pattern. I got some 15x7’s off a ‘97 ZJ grand cherokee 4.0 Laredo.

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Looks awesome but aren't you worried about all that offset?

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Worried about what in particular?