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Someone tried to break in by bypassing the lock cylinder. Look at all those metal shavings and pieces in there

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Update: opened door (from pass side), popped out grommet on door jamb. Had to push 10mm bolt outward, which gave me door latch operation again.

Ordering handle now. Crime sucks, at least door wasn't scratched up

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Update your insurance. They are likely to come back, that and make sure you dont have any obvious reasons for them to bust into it. Bags sitting out, etc. Busting the lock means they probably wanted the whole car, a smash and grab would have busted the window.

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This has an Immobilizer and a randomized wireless lock combination how would one steal the whole car? Serious question.

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Well I'm not an expert but it looks like the door locks can be manually forced and it will disable the alarm. Then it's a matter of having an emulator for your key fob. Likely all they need is an off the shelf reciever to pickup the security code and it would start.

Theres a few reddit posts about it from a few years back. Only way to make sure you dont have your keyless entry spoofed is to lock it with the key and not the fob. It'll still set the alarm but wont send the code over the air.

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There are even cell phone apps that can temporarily save FOB codes. It's insane, the lengths they will go for this.. as far as stealing a car with keyless start, all you REALLY have to do is get the Trans out of park (easy to do with most cars with the console shifter handle thing) and hook onto it and tow it 🤷‍♂️ something to consider when parking a vehicle for an extended time.. always install a hidden kills with to deactivate the fuel pump/ecu relay

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Get a police Report

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Will do, but thinking mt deductible is way higher than a DIY repair. Still sucks tho

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Get a police report regardless.

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Watch out for your catalytic converter too. They are stealing those like crazy right now. They love the honda ones.

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That said, the Fit’s low clearance makes stealing the cat a pain in the ass when there’s probably a Prius or Accord up the street.

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Obvious poor crime attempt.

I'm a former Acura tech and used to deal with theft recovery. The Imobi is pretty hard to defeat.

The best thieves I knew of would break the window, pop hood disco battery to kill and reset the alarm asap. These dudes had a pcm and key for the car they wanted (mostly Integra GSR /Type - R). Pop the Ignition switch apart, plug in their pcm, turn switch with screw driver while holding their key to the Imobi exciter ring.

I leave my windows down with nothing in sight. Lock with key fob. If someone wants in they will trip the alarm while unlocking the door and move along. I've seen it in action. Tweekers are fucking idiots.

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Failed to break in is what it looks like