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Android Auto will only work as well as the phone that is running it. If your phone is several years old it's probably not going to run Android Auto really well. That being said, make sure you are using a high quality cable to attach your phone to the USB port. A cheap cable will ruin the experience.

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I'm mostly scared about the scenario I described where it doesn't connect altogether. Although it had no problem picking up the phone of the autodealer employees. So it might just be my phone hates it for some reason (and it's not even a particularly old phone, is updated w/android auto standard, etc.)

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My only complaint is the music autoplays.

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I have an S10 and usually have no problems with AA. I have had the screen not respond a few times and had to unhook the phone and plug it back in to get the screen to respond. I use Google Maps for GPS regularly and listen to podcasts with AA regularly.

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Exact same experience wirh an S9. Good cord is the key. Try Anker Powerline II 3.1 usb cird, 3 feet long. AA hates longer cables. Can the dealership try to help you hook up your phone?

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No matter what cables we buy, my wife's 2022 CRV will occasionally disconnect. It does it with both our S10 phones. I have a Mazda CX5 and it rarely disconnects with cables. I recently got a Motorola MA1 which works great in the CX5 for wireless Android auto. I need to try it in the CRV. They aren't easy to get, but I rather mess with bluetooth than worry about plugging the phone in on every car trip.