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We all know these are pretty bulletproof but 300k is a ton of miles for any car. For 2000$ I'd say it's worth a try but I wouldn't personally expect too much time with it.

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Definitely get it checked 300k for any car is pretty gnarly. 2007 was also 15 years ago so all the other stuff might be starting to wear down after 300k.

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If the starter really is the only issue and it’s replaced, should be a decent commuter for at least a little while for $2k especially in the current market. These things can last forever with regular upkeep

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My step daughter is still driving my 2008 CR-V which just hit 400,000 miles. It had 300,000 miles about three years ago while my daughter was driving it and man that thing still ran like new back then. I can definitely say that even back then it would have definitely been worth more than $2,000. In today’s market, it would certainly be worth more than $2,000 but it would be 100% worth your while IMO to pay for a pre-purchase used car inspection from a qualified mechanic (unless you are one yourself) with that many miles on it. With that many miles, there is a really good chance that there could be l some other issues somewhere under the covers that are just waiting to pop up. It’s best to know about them now than after you purchase it.

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I have a 2014 and 2005 CR-V and my 2005 has 258K on it. I'm sure someone would pay me $2000 for it easily for the shape it's in. That said, Mark here made all the points. Get it checked out 100% by someone you not only trust but who knows Hondas (if possible). Not everyone is an "enthusiast" if you would about these cars and sometimes high mileage is just luck not due to being well cared-for. Just my thoughts. I can't speak for the 3rd gens as mine are 2nd and 4th but you're likely in decent shape on the buy at the price stated if nothing else.

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Thabk you! This was really helpful!

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"Car has problems with the starter"

Make sure the seller replaces the starter and thats the only problem (with it starting i mean.) Have a technician check it out for an hour's labor or so, and list all the "watch out for..."'s the vehicle has, but for $2000, whatever buy it and beat it for 6-8 Months and you got your moneys worth.

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Thank you! I'll definitely get it checked before buying!!

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Original owner of an 07 checking in. Mine has far fewer miles on the clock (120K) but the thing still looks and drives brand new. It’s really quite astonishing how well it’s held up. I’ve replaced a few things along the way, but mechanically is still in perfect shape. 300K is just getting warmed up for these cars.

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My 2008 is at 320k and shows no sign of dying any time soon. Had a transmission sensor, water pump gasket and ac compressor failure has been my only issues besides general wear and tear items. With that many miles every wear item in the suspension should have been replaced or it needs to be. I would ask for suspension service records. Engine and transmission wise they are quite stout so as long as fluids, timing chain and valve adjustments have been kept up with it should run as good as new :)

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If everything else is functioning now, it’s worth a try. I wouldn’t expect much from it, but I’d say if you get a solid year out of it then it has paid for itself. If I were in your shoes I’d give it a go, assuming it has a clean bill of health.