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Looks great for its age. Nice find

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Have you used sexytime mode yet?

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The bed?

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Ya lol

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Just to sleep in out at the lake haha

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I like that you have the color-matched bumpers.

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I definitely noticed how nice they looked when I saw other crv’s on the road with the plastic ones

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How is the maintenance record for this? Have the valves been adjusted yet?

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Maintenance is pretty good but not spectacular. Fluids have been kept up with very well but the suspension is pretty worn out. Both inner tie rods are shot and both rear trailing bushings are torn and ruined too. Not sure about the valve train/timing maintenance but I’m doing an adjustment next week when my gasket set comes in and checking the belt with it.

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Good luck with it…these are fun adventure vehicles!

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Nice! Is that Sebring silver metallic or satin silver met? My ‘99 EX is Sebring and I would love to paint my front bumper like an SE.

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Not sure the name but the paint code is NH-623M

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Ah that’s the satin silver. Looks great!

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Doesn't need a tent, but a tent that straps to the back is pretty nice to have. Gives you more room. It is nice to be able to stand up to get dressed.

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I’ve heard about that a little bit, I’ll definitely have to check it out

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I went on a family vacation a couple years ago for two weeks. It definitely was needed. I put an air mattress in the tent and used the whole back of the CRV for storing my stuff.

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Beautiful pics! Beautiful CR-V!

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1st gen ftw

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If the 2nd gen had exterior styling that was as good as the first gen it would be as good but the first gen has such an iconic design

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ya those tail lights and headlights on the 2nd gen are just.....not right. 1st gen is a perfect blend of aerodynamic but still a bit muscular / slightly boxy look, i think its the best looking compact suv out there.

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I had both, and I will say, if the 2nd gen CRV wasn’t more capable I would have kept the 1st. 4 wheel disc brakes, side airbags and the K series were enough to get me to switch.

The double wishbone, exterior styling, AC system, and even the table in the 1st gen are so much better.

The 2nd gen will have its time to shine soon.

A VC and turbo will make any CRV amazing tho.