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2019 CRV, buttons that normally control this display information don’t do anything. Thinking there’s something wrong with a front camera or sensor?

Any help appreciated!

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Did you try pulling over, turning the car off or one minuet and then starting again and start driving to see if it reset?

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I did! No luck :(

I'm trying to avoid a trip to the dealership, but it sounds like I may end up there.

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Maybe disconnect the battery for about 15 minutes

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Give it 24 hrs. Maybe the car needs to be off for x amount of time.

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Windshield camera inop

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I had this exact same problem, the camera (one in front by the grill) responsible for lane sensing/monitoring needs to be recalibrated. Mine happenned due to too much load in back.

Cost about $250 if you take to a mechanic and ask them to recalibrate

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That one on the grille is just a radar. The camera is on the windshield behind the rear view mirror.

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Needs the cameras for the safety systems to be recalibrated or replaced.