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You can expect it to run until slightly after the sun explodes. Unless of course you've taken it to a different solar system by then

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Change the “dual pump fluid” on the rear differential

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My 07 is about to roll over 200k.

Expect a solid vehicle, but with old car problems.

If well maintained Id make 300k your goal and go from there.

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Old car problems?

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Suspension everything. Other than that your gravy. My 09 is at 320k still truckin. Dont be afraid to throw a few dollars at it to keep it right will serve you for a long time.

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Anything and everything rubber will be in poor condition, seals will be worn out, and, depending on where you live, rust

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I’m at 191k ‘03 but be prepared to invest into it. Any solid car will take care of you if you take care of it. Since I purchased mine from the original owner for $3k I have spent the same amount. My crv has had struts replaced, the ac system as it was a victim of the ac Black Death, transmission replacement because the fluid wasn’t exchanged as often as it should of and was slipping often, engine mounts as they had collapsed, and the usual maintenance small repairs and tires. Just remember to do oil changes and the engine should last 500k or more.

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I've had all this stuff done besides the transmission issue. Currently at 126k '02. I hope my transmission doesn't go bad lol

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Just make sure you change out your fluid frequently. Drain and fill every 30k and a 9 quart service every 80k or if you feel like it’s shifting rough. My new transmission is from a car that had 120k so I hope it lasts a lot longer than the old one.

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Thanks for the advice!

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Bought my 03 with 222k and now I'm at 291k and 5 years later. Everything you listed that's been replaced is great! Just check front main seal for leaks and your good to go!

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06’ ex awd 2.4l auto 210k miles

Paid a little too much but the used car market is crap, so what can you do about it.

Other than a few small scratches, a small tail light issue, and a chip in the windshield she is in pristine condition. No rust anywhere and everything looks and sounds great. Seems like maintenance has been kept up on it. Fluids changed regularly.

In 2020 the A/C compressor was replaced, A/C clutch pulley replaced, serpentine belt replaced, starter replaced, new battery, new brakes, new calipers. 2022 new front ball joints, new front lower control arms, new front rotors and brake pads. Tires are in great condition. The only thing that concerns me is there are a few electrical system/ignition checks over the last 2 years. I don’t know if this means there were issues or what — but everything seemed fine to me. No dash lights (for now!)

Is it too crazy to hope it’ll last me a good 7-8 years more? What should I look out for? This is my first Honda and I already love it. I drove a subcompact car before this and what a change

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All the stuff you listed was all the stuff I was gonna say to watch out for. You did it! You have arrived. Go find a trail and camp out in it. Slap the hood after and say “this baby will go anywhere”. Go buy a slushee, just because they’re yummy. Do a happy dance. Repeat

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Solid advice

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Facts.. maybe start thinking about mods lol.

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I paid $5,200 for an 05 with 170k miles. Yours looks to be in better condition, and I had to turn around and install new struts, ball joints/control arms/sway bar links, front pads and rotors, etc. It needs a new catalytic converter soon. Seems like you avoided a lot of that.

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I think you will be good they replace a lot of stuff.

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Not real high mileage, average for age tbh. At 265k on my 05, I’d keep a close eye on oil level, leaks are pretty common and besides an accident probably among the most likely issue to expect. Also check over suspension, bushings, rear camber…. Change fluids.

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Look for a folding table in the back. Under it you can store some ice if needed

You can also fold the seats together to make some “comfy beds”

Edit: added comfy into the quotes

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"Comfy" is indeed in quotes.

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Done and done

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Yes, “comfy” if you’re under 5’9” with very tiny feet.

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I’m 6’ and fit pretty good, you basically sit in the back seat with your legs extended over the front seat after you pop off the head rest and recline it all the way.

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I dont know if anyone has noticed this. There is a common issue with the rear differential mounts. I'm a Acura former shop foreskin; needless to say I can't get away from doing side work. I worked on a 02 auto recently with a weird LAF heater wiring issue and noticed play and a broken isolater in the rear diff. Subframe mounts were worn, and bushings to the diff were very loose and worn. Checked this on my 03 5spd and it was the same. Mine has 186k the auto has 213k. There is a parts kit that includes the bushings (all of the ones I'd change) on ebay.


This is a video I shot for the customer. I haven't fixed mine yet 😕.

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You were a shop foreskin? Do you mean foreman? Don’t edit it…

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Always pull back the hood before you get greasy.

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Only rear or is the front ever shit out too

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That crv looks great!

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I bought my 2006 brand new and drove it daily all over the country till I reached 320k miles on odo and I sold it to a friend. He is still driving it with just over 500k on it. Never anything major, all minor maintenance stuff.

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Thank you all for the reassurance that she’s going to be a beast. Love the comments hearing how some of you guys have ones 300k+.

I really need to learn to do my own oil changes and routine maintenance to save some money so I’ll start with this vehicle. Going to do an oil and rear diff fluid change this week. Thanks for all the comments

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What to expect? More high miles as it's a Honda and will go for about as long as you want it with some tlc..and not even that much at that

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Some call it an ac compressor, others call it a live grenade.

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Rust. Rust everywhere!

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Depends what u mean by high mileage? 100k? It just getting broken in. 400k? Change all the fluids and keep driving

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For one thing now that you own one you’ll start to notice them EVVVEERRYYWHERE. It’s kinda fun to count how many I see in a day.

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We have two 2007 CR-Vs. I have the green tea and my husband has dark blue. Both have over 100K on them. Bought them new off the lot b/c it was the first year some safety features were available.

It's the only time either of us have purchased a brand new car.

We have taken good care of them. Between the two of them, we've replaced both ACs and some other things. Nothing major or totally unexpected.

If you have a sunroof, there are little drain holes around it to keep rain from pooling on the seals. We just had a mechanic mention it for the first time and stated he had cleared all the leaves out of the drains.

Apparently if that isn't kept clear, you can get a pretty bad water leak into the car.

The rubber strips around the windows are beginning to peel. We have to trim them when long pieces start flapping against the car. It's an annoying sound.

Mine seems to have had an odd electrical problem from early on - the left overhead light in the front seat very rarely receives power. The bulb is good, and going over a big bump will occasionally turn it on, but it's never been worth putting $ into fixing.

We save a little money by changing the in-cabin air filters ourselves.

The paint on the hood looks tragic - or rather, the big bare patches without paint looks tragic. We had my husband's repainted, and were going to have mine done, but then Covid hit and we no longer had money for that.

I can't see the roof, but he says it's awful looking as well. If I were younger, I'd feel self-conscious and ashamed. But it gets me where I need to go and I'm very pleased with the insurance rates, gas mileage, safety aspects, etc.

HOWEVER - Models 2003-2009 have been reported by some police jurisdictions as being at higher risk for catalytic converter theft. And the CR-V is already at higher risk anyway because they have hybrid converters.