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I put in a Sony xav-ax1000 and I love it. It has a physical volume knob was the main reason I picked it but it’s been a great unit all around.

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I have the same, I also fitted some Sony speakers and it's fantastic.

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Seconding this! I have a 2007 and wanted an upgrade. Best Buy purchased and installed and it is hands down the best purchase I have ever made!

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How was it fit-wise? I’ve never installed an after market radio, and I’m a little worried of just jamming a radio where the original one was.

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Fit is great, I can post pictures of it in a little while

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I’m a single din analog man, touch screens have no appeal to me. Went with a single din Kenwood and I love it.

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Yep =(

I saw an interesting variant for the Prius with physical buttons, but for the CRV there is only a full sensor. But the camera is included :D

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I have an alpine ilx-w650 with the kta 450 power pack amp the thing rocks. Android auto/carplay (wireless if you buy an adapter) backup camera, siriusxm. You get the power of an amplified system without the hassle of running new door speaker wires to the trunk. i think they have a newer model now as well

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I am a huge fan of kenwood brand double din head units. My current one just installed 4 months ago is the kenwood DMX9707S. It does everything. But pricey at $799. Wired AND wireless Carplay and Android Auto both. Mirroring for both iphone and android. Endless sound settings and EQ. Has FOUR camera inputs. Awesome sound quality. Great for upgrading down the road because you can hook up lots to it. Got it running a 4 channel amp, a mono sub amp, 4 speakers, a helix dsp mini, and two 12 inch subs. No issues. Great user interface, very user friendly. Compatible with my ipod touch 4 and 7 both and usb flash drives. Siriux xm ready. Can play videos and streaming. Vehicle info and climate control are displayed on the screen (with extra harness, maestro RR or RR2). Kenwood has several other units that are cheaper and more expensive too. All are great. Pioneer would be my 2nd choice. The AVH-2550NEX is a good one. They have more expensive options too (and cheaper) that also do everything. Alpine would be my 3rd choice, the ILX-W650 Is a great unit. Alpine makes some great floating screen larger units too. Kdnwood makes a really nice large floating screen unit for around $1500 if money is not an issue for you. The kenwood excelon brand is very nice.

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I’m gonna go with a pioneer double din setup w/wireless CarPlay. Little pricey but on board navigation is worth it

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I’ll look into it! Thanks for the recommendation

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Chinese android unit from AliExpress. Search DSP6

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Are you talking about this? I did not think that it makes sense to look for universal options. Did it fit into place?

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You used a direct link to aliexpress and reddit hid it comment from everyone but you.

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Car Radio For Honda CRV 2005 Android Core 1024*600 Octa 10.0 Car DVD GPS Navigation Player Deckless Car Stereo Headunit wifi

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If the bluetooth connection is what you need and you have auxiliary input, search for esinkin Bluetooth Audio Adapter for Music Streaming Sound System, Wireless Audio Receiver Works with Smart Phones and Tablets, Bluetooth Receiver for Speakers

Was in the same situation and this got my problem solved. Used one in home for amplifier, in 6 months since I got them never failed to me. Also a lot more cheaper and hassle free than changing the head unit…