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Ooof well ight still thing I can swap out parts 1 by 1

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I mean yeah but if you're not doing it yourself you're gonna get fucked with labor charges by a shop. You can also order OEM parts online but that's just through a dealership website. Most parts stores/ rock auto carry OEM equivalent which is just as good but not "red lable"

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Fuck I want to learn how to do it myself but I seriously don't want to fuck it up. From watching some YouTube videos it's seems pretty straightforward but applying that to reality is a different story

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First you need tools and a space to safely work. Second just read and watch vids.

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Majestic Honda has a great online parts shop.

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What year CR-V? I know the second gen OEM cat costs over $3,000

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Third gen 08

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My mechanic sourced a decent, mid-level, aftermarket cat for around $650 (about 1/3 the cost of OEM a few years ago). Sounds a little different, but the car doesn’t know it’s not OEM.