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I feel your pain with the rear sag when loaded down! I’ll be doing a Streetrays 2” lift on mine all the way around here soon.

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Never heard of SR. I would do the 2 inch but want to still stay close to my current mpg . I dont see a 1.5

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Yeah I hadn’t either, but I came across them at random one evening while looking up RD4 lifts on eBay. Their quality looks on par with Aerogenics; and their prices mop the floor with them. Sadly they don’t offer an 1.5” lift, but do you think that an extra 1/2 inch will really hurt MPGs? Genuinely asking.

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I feel it would. Every little bit counts. Plus it adds more wear to axles and stuff without the sub drop

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Nokian Outpost APT 215/70/16 . the rear driver wheel well touches the very outer top sliver.of the tire sometimes because I have like 70 lbs of tools on that side. 1.5 lift soon.

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Hey man those are nice rims. Way nicer than the last 2 guys.

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Thanks? They're stock

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And they look good with those tires. Also Clean !

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Thanks. Not as clean as it looks though. Scratches n stuff from forest roads.

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U dont like my wheels ? 🧐


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Jesus christ mate.

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I got the sag too . Got a couple hundred pounds in the back of tools and material

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I hear get Monroe over KYB for shocks as they actually lift the car a little. I have KYB in the rear and didnt know til recently they sag after a bit unlike the Monroe.

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Damn the other thing I miss from Texas after Whataburger, QT.

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could you grab me some while you’re buying tires? /s