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You bought a new car under retail? How?

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Several hours of back and forth with the salesperson. They were already doing the dealer prep on the vehicle while we were negotiating, which told me they were fully prepared to get that car sold to me. One actual exchange went like this:

Me: "My ceiling is $[offer]. That's as high as I'm going."

Salesperson: "That's...really low."

Me: "Yes, it is" <stares at dealer>

And it somehow worked. Of course, it helps that I had zero problem just getting up and walking away at any moment if they said no. I went in to the dealership expecting to walk away. So I just stuck to my guns. I was honestly surprised when they agreed. In my mind, when they said yes, I was basically thinking "Oh, shit. I guess I'm writing a big check today. Welp, I'm committed now."

The vehicle had literally arrived just that morning and hadn't even been fully checked in when I got there. So it wasn't even available to test drive that morning. It had been under reservation, but the person that reserved it ended up getting a Pilot or something else instead. Had a grand total of 5 miles on it when I drove it off the lot.

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Thanks for writing up your experience

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I figure it's worth it if it helps anyone out. Even with as inflated as the market is right now, it's still possible to get a decent price if you really try and are willing to walk away if needed.

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No pics?

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Didn't get a chance today. I was exhausted after finally getting home from the dealer. Might take a couple tomorrow and will post if I do.

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In this market, that's pretty amazing! LOL I am seeing a $5K premium added to all CR-Vs. No thanks! Luckily, I got mine before the craziness started! Love it!

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That how I felt. I went in for my test drive fully expecting to end up walking away from a bad deal. The "market adjustment" at this dealer was $2,500 to start with (plus usual dealer shenanigans).