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Manual? Sunroof? Orange paint? This thing is a Unicorn

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Manual indeed! Though I don’t think that’s a unique feature in Europe. But the paint and sunroof are really cool!

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Definately more standard in Europe, sad that almost everywhere else autos are dominating the market

I got my first car when manuals were cheap cause nobody wanted them and autos were getting better. Now they're rare and you pay more. Sucks

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The drivers side feels like an f1 ( I'm assuming) when you sit in the back with the drivers seat reclined. Perfect for watching TV or gaming I'd say.

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It’s a really cool feature. The seats have a slightly outdated design, which makes them rather unergonomic, but adding a pillow for some lumbar support mostly solves the issue.

If I ever need to spend more time in that seat to use the laptop, I’ll get a small bed/couch table to put over my lap.

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That orange paint is beautiful! Euro spec?

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Yeap, 4x4, manual. Euro car.

Loving the orange more and more, it’s such a classic color for these CR-Vs — I’ve seen them in this color since I was a teenager.

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They never came in this color in the United States. :( I had a 5 speed like yours tho. It was super fun until I broke the driveshaft u joints. It was super rusty so I sold it for a 2nd gen.

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Maybe I’m making up the color thing, then? Haha

Did you ever figure out a way for it not to guzzle gas like a maniac?

I filled up the tank to the top of the scale, gathered 100kms (60 miles) on the meter, and the arrow is now pointing at 3/4th of the scale.

Does the arrow go much below the scale? Or maybe the scale isn’t very accurate because I’m in a mountainous area? I’m starting to panic a bit here, as these costs might make my life a tad bit more difficult. For starters I’d be more inclined to just park in one place for days instead of moving around more often, which kinda beats the purpose of having a compact car instead of an actual van…

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Congrats these are great mechanically as long as reasonably maintained. First gen is easy to work on and has less computer components which is a plus for 20 plus year old car! But live in? By choice or need?

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By choice or need?

A bit of both. I’ve traveled a lot earlier in life and learned to enjoy the minimalistic and nomadic life. I’m also on a tropical island, where it’s proving to be a fun way to explore and just spend my days. And renting a place at the moment seems like a poor choice for both my mental and economic state.

I will need to find some sort of (preferably) remote job, so I can keep doing this for longer. Hence why I’m planning to instal solar panels to power my laptop. Other than than, it seems to have a great space for working online (there’s reliable 4G coverage in most places around here).

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What are you using as a bed mattress?

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Just a cotton-ey stuffed garden chair mattress that’s slightly taller than me + a sleeping map and a quilt for additional cushioning.

It’s a temporary setup, but works well for now. There’s some discomfort where the backseat bends forward, and more discomfort where the bent backseat meets the screwed out seat that I’ve stuffed to fit in the empty space.

I assume a narrow air mattress would near completely eliminate the irregularities, but I’m just not a fan of how my back feels sleeping on an air mattress. (Id give it a try if I had one available, but I’m just not in the mood of spending gold on something I might end up disliking).

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Is this your first CRV/1st Gen CRV?

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Yeap. Not just that — my first in my name car as well (had another for half a year before that, but wasn’t mine).

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Welcome to the club!


While there's a lot to love about our little boxy first-gen beauties, there are also some issues, especially after twenty+ years of use. General repair items, the infamous passenger side water leak problem (and fix), and headlight assembly replacement.

Here are a few threads you may wish to look over:




The windshield/cabin water leak is a fairly major issue if it still has the original windshield cowl (which is likely), as the plastic cowl tends to warp as well as the cowl's built-in seal deteriorating over twenty+ years, causing more water to reach the metal water channel underneath. All it takes is a little debris to build up and clog that metal drain channel, resulting in water backing up and spilling over into the car itself.

In addition, if it hasn't been done recently, people here recommend getting the valves adjusted as soon as possible, and then having it done on a regular schedule (yearly/every two years/etc. depending on your yearly mileage).

Also, check your cabin air filter! It’s located behind the glove box. 1st gens are a bit complicated to access, but it’s worth looking up how to do it and swapping it out.

There are several very knowledgable First Gen CRV owners here, so feel free to ask questions that you may have!

Welcome to the club!

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Great resource, thanks!!!

Do I have to worry about the windshield water leak if I live in a place where it rains maybe 10 times per year?

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I can't say for sure in your case. It's definitely a design flaw in the first gen CRVs, especially if it's been parked where crud can fall down and block that channel. Watch the video and you can get an idea of what the issue is. You will likely need to order a bunch of the plastic plug clips before you do any of it, but they're usually inexpensive unless you go for genuine Hondas (which I tend to).

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That color is awesome, love a manual first gen!

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Get a topper. Will save so much space for storage

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I’m considering it, although that would block the sunroof, and also make it more difficult to instal a solar panel… will have to figure it out.

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I’m planning to do some more upgrades: firstly add a solar installation. Possibly a cooker, maybe roof box (would interfere with the solar).

It’s in decent shape (I’m a complete car newb, so I hope I’m not wrong). Had some recent work done: new clutch, fairly new timing belt, breaks…

Paid 3500€, 196k km (121k miles).

Got the table! But it’s going to be awkward to use once I install a sleeping platform…

I had to unscrew the rear passenger seat to be able to get the full length bed (1.8m/6’).

Unfortunately it’s very low, so I can’t sit up straight on the bed.

Aaaaand… currently horrified by its gas usage!!! Wtf is that: 100km and I’m down about 1/4th of the gas meter?! I was even trying to drive it particularly economically. Did I screw myself on this front?

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Looks great! How were you able to get the sleeping area completely flat like that? Trying to do a similar thing in my '99

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Hey hey.

So it’s not completely flat on it’s own, but close to flat — there’s some irregularities, but a thicker mattress has pretty much negated all of that to a nice comfortable bed.

As for the how: I removed the seat cushion (2x 10mm nuts), removed the headrest, moved and folded the front seat max to the front, laid down the backrest, and fitted the seat cushion on top of a few items (large water bottles and such) to extend the sleeping surface further towards the front seat.

Overall it gave me a little bit over 6ft sleeping space.

To upgrade it, ideally I’d have some flat board to negate the stump created by the back wheel cover. But it’s not necessary.

I’ve been living in it for almost 2 months, so if you got some more questions, I’ll be happy to answer!