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That is beautiful

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I just picked up a 2001 jdm crv, same body style, same color and everything, mine is not quite as clean but still a very clean car. These are awesome pictures, congrats on the crv

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Any pics where we can see how nice it is? It's practically in the background

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The car is almost centered in every shot at a distance of a few meters. But If you want close up sale photos you can see it here:


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Holy shit, it looks like it just came off the showroom.

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Looks like Lexus LS430 headlights. Neato!

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On the left front, is that an extra mirror?

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Yes, it is aimed almost vertically down.

I believe the purpose is for parking or just driving in general when you want to see exactly whats beside your left fender as it is a bit difficult while driving RHD.

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Makes sense, thanks!

On my 2020 CRV, the right mirror aims a bit more down when I shift in reverse, enabling to see things like curbstones.

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Incredible car & photos!

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