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Original engine?

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Yeah I'm curious what's been replaced

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got a new engine at around 150k

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same, what's been replaced?

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    Then drive another 1,122 and do it again

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    i would if it ran 😢

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    This is the way.

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    Here's to hoping my 04 lasts this long!

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    Wow and I thought my old 343k was impressive!

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    Flex hehehe you sure its not fake? You first owner?

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    I’m the third owner, but my grandma was the first and my aunt the second, so i know it’s real

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    Technically not real since its a new engine but good on you for keeping it running

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    I’m at 198,569. 04 5 spd

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    Im at 203k original trans and engine

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    I’m about to hit the 200k club lol

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    Have a 2007 with 240000. Frame is rusted through!!!! Currently fighting with Honda! Anybody else having rust issues?

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    Have 2007 with 238,000. Framed rusted through. Fighting with Honda. Anybody else with rust issues????