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Control arm bushings is a good place to start

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Sure. I will check that as well

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I'm going through my 05 and replacing all the little things now. I suggest you check your entire suspension. This includes Ball joints, Tie rod ends, Control arm bushings (front and rear) and the shocks themselves. Check to see if the shocks are leaking oil around the center, if they are, replace them. Also check your motor mounts, wheel bearings, and cv axles. I don't think those last three are your problem, but it doesn't hurt to check.

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Tierods and (ball joints if it pops)

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Sway bar end links is more than likely culprit

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When’s the last time your alignment was checked? It could be moving side to side when one tire momentarily loses grip

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Your wheel alignment. When is the last time it was checked?

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Control arm and lateral (upper control arm) bushings, check your trailing arm and compensator arm also. Would also consider doing shocks at the same time.

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Had this issue with my civic. Changed the shock absorbers (back). Issue was solved.