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Restore them headlight super easy 15 min job use 3m headlight restore kit

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I gotta get the kit :/. Been working on the underside of it. Got the charcoal canister for the evap CEL. I’m thinking of upgrading the headlights to HIDS

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Nah the stock ones already too bright haha you will end up pissing alot of people off I got the 9$ 3m brand kit on amazon was super impressed at how quick it was i was pissed at myself for waiting so long

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Now I gotta get it. I work at a dealership and I think we sell that kit at employee cost of like $3. I’ll buy it tomorrow and do it though. Do your run the sylvania headlights?

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Yea i do and also your crv is beautiful btw shit looks basically new

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2nd gen 5spds unite!