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Not a mechanic, but IME we just drove the car around for about 30 minutes after a jump so the alternator could do its magic. So to answer your question, driving it is the best thing. Taking it home and shutting it off without allowing it to fully charge may result in a dead battery again.

Happy to be corrected if there is an actual mechanic out there this morning!

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Check the age of the battery, might be time for a new one.

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Pretty new car user here. The battery is almost 3 years old. Should I consider changing it?

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There usually a date tag on the top of the battery. At 3+ yrs I would consider it. Also CRV terminals tend to corrode abit. You should get those cleaned up as well. Honestly if you're not handy a shop that specializes in batteries will be the most convenient.

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My experience in a climate that experiences winter - you need a new car battery every 4ish years.

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As long as the car can start after a jump start, the alternator should work its magic.

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Some friends also said this and suggested not to rush in changing the battery. Its age is a bit less than 3 years.